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Pelvi is an Australian company providing reusable period products and pelvic health products. The Pelvi menstrual cup is made in an ISO-Certified facility in the United States, from high quality medical grade silicone.

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  1. PELVI MEDIballs Kegel Ball - Single
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  2. PELVI MEDIballs Kegel Balls - Double
  3. PELVI Menstrual Cup - Large
  4. PELVI Menstrual Cup - Medium
  5. PELVI Menstrual Cup - Small
  6. PELVI Menstrual Cup - Teen
  7. PELVI Pulse Period Pain Relief Device
  8. PELVI Reusable Cloth Pad - Overnight
  9. PELVI Reusable Cloth Pad - Pantyliner
  10. PELVI Reusable Cloth Pad - Regular