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JuJu High Cervix Menstraul Cup

The Best Menstrual Cups for a High Cervix

If you've struggled to reach your cup to remove it, chances are you have a high cervix. A high cervix will means you will have a longer vaginal canal.

Cups suitable for a high cervix typically have a longer body and/or stem, so that the base of the cup sits within reach for your fingers. It might be time to consider a longer menstrual cup if you can barely reach you menstrual cup to remove it or if you are having to bear down to remove your menstrual cup.

If you already have a menstrual cup and are having difficulty removing it, you can find some helpful tips on our blog on what to do if your menstrual cup is stuck.


How do I know if I have a high cervix?

You can measure your cervix easily at home. We recommend measuring your cervix using the 'knuckle test rule' on different days during your period. See our Guide to Measuring your Cervical Position for more details.

We recommend the following cups for people with a high cervix or long vaginal canal.


Menstrual Cups for a High Cervix


JuJu Menstrual Cup - Model 3

The JuJu Model 3 is made in Australia and has designed especially for those who struggle to reach their cup due to a high cervix or long vaginal canal. It has an extra-long body (58mm) and has a total length of 79mm including the stem, which can be trimmed. The enhanced grip pattern and grippy stem are also reassuring for those who struggle to reach or get a good grip on their cup! One thing to keep in mind with the JuJu 3 is that it is a narrower cup - so if you’re under 30 and have not given birth, or if you consider yourself to have a strong pelvic floor, you should be all good. But if you’re over 30, have given birth or think you’ve lost pelvic floor tone, you may need to consider a wider cup.

Lily Cup

The Lily Cup A or Lily Cup B are both fantastic choices for those with a high cervix due to their impressive 78mm length! As the Lily Cup has no stem, it’s easy to grip the base, squeeze to release the suction and remove. Another thing we love about the Lily Cup is that it has a unique thicker silicone ‘spine’, which makes it easy to roll up to insert and helps it pop open quickly. The curved shape is also specially designed to fit the curves of your body comfortably.

Vush Cup

The Vush menstrual cups are available in two sizes, Regular and Super, which both measure 85mm in total length with the cup length measuring 60mm in length. Vush Menstrual Cup feautres a flat tab-style stem with grip lines and is a medium firmness that is nice and soft to the touch, but firm enough to spring open and stay in place. We love the soft pink colour too!

The Diva Cup

The Diva Cup was one of the first menstrual cups available on the market and it’s remained a firm favourite over the years. As it’s a longer cup, the Diva Cup is perfect for those with a high cervix. The Model 1 and 2 both measure 70mm long including the stem, or 53mm (Model 1) and 57mm (Model 2) without the stem. The Diva 0, recommended for people under 18 years of ages, is also a longer bodied cup measuring and overall length of 58.5mm. The stem on the Diva Cup is short and can’t be trimmed, but this usually doesn’t pose a problem for those with a high cervix - the more length, the better!

Other Menstrual Cups

Check out our full menstrual cup comparison chart for detailed measurements of all the different menstrual cups in stock at Period Shop.