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Menstrual Cup & Disc Comparison Australia

Menstrual Cup & Disc Comparison Australia

Menstrual cups have a range of different design features, come in different lengths and widths and vary in capacity and harndess. The PeriodShop menstrual cup and disc comparison chart allow you to view cup specifications from trusted brands available in Australia including Diva, JuJu, Lily, Lunette, Hello, Ruby, Pelvi, Organicup, MeLuna, Merula, Saalt, Toms, Vush and Ziggy.


A menstrual cup is a small flexible cup which folded and inserted into the vagina where it opens and creates a seal with the vaginal walls. Rather than absorbing menstrual flow like tampons which are thrown away, it is reusable and collects menstrual flow. It is then removed, washed out and reinserted.

A disc is a similar concept but has a flat-fit design - it is usually wider and shallower and tucks up under the pubic bone at the front to hold it in place.

This menstrual cup comparison chart compares different menstrual cup hardnesses, dimensions, capacities and design features such as stem types. The recommendations in this chart are based on the manufactures' guidelines and may not suit everybody's anatomy. Some manufacturers recommend selecting a cup based on your flow however, we recommend finding the right size for your vaginal canal width and cervical position and the right harness/softness cup for your body first, then consider the capacity of a cup based on your flow. Selecting the correct size and harness first will ensure the cup or disc is comfortable in your body and doesn't leak but may mean you have to empty it more frequently if you have a heavy flow. 

TIP: Use the arrows in each column heading to sort the information in ascending or descending order based on the cups size or harness you are looking for.

Menstrual Discs Comparison Chart


Menstrual Cups Comparison Chart