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How to use a Yoni Egg

Yoni Egg User Guide: How to Insert, Remove and Clean your Yoni Egg

A yoni egg is a small, smooth crystal egg (sometimes known as a ‘jade egg’) that is inserted into the vagina for a period of time. See our blog What is a yoni egg to find out more.

This guide covers how to insert, remove and clean a yoni egg. How you choose to use your yoni egg (also know as your yoni egg practice) will vary from person to person. When using a yoni egg ensure you are relaxed, listen to your body to ensure it is ready to receive the egg.

Before using a yoni egg it is important to clean your egg (as per the instructions below) and inspect your egg to check it has not been chipped during clearing or storage.

Inserting your Yoni Egg

 When you are ready to undertake your yoni egg practice;

  1. Find a comfortable position, this may be laying down, squatting or sitting over the toilet (be careful not to drop your egg in the toilet)
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax and deepen the connection with your body
  3. Position the egg upside down with the larger side of the egg pointing upward and the pointer end downward 
  4. Consciously relax the vagina and vaginal opening
  5. Gently massage the vulva with the larger end of the egg; moving the egg up and down the length of the labia (the vaginal lips) and over the clitoris. This will awaken your sensuality and begin to warm the yoni egg to body temperature. This physical stimulation may cause sexual arousal and the production of arousal fluid (a feeling of being wet) which will aid in lubricating your egg for insertion. Water or a water-based lubricant can also be used around the vagina opening (the vulva) or on the yoni egg to aid with insertion.
  6. Slowly twist and turn the egg until it is fully inserted into the vagina. If needed, gently part the labia with one hand while inserting the yoni egg into the vagina with the other hand

Yoni practice is about self-love and connecting with your body. Listen to your body and don't force the insertion of your egg if your body isn't ready to accept it. Pelvic floor exercises can still be performed without an egg.


    Removing your Yoni Egg

    It's important to remember a yoni egg can't get lost in the vagina so don't panic. Here are the steps on how to remove a yoni egg if it doesn't come out on its own;

    1. Relax and breath slowly. 
    2. Stand, kneel or squat on the ground. Squatting will shorten the vaginal canal and make it easier to remove your egg. You can also sit on the toilet but need to be careful you don't drop your yoni egg in the toilet.
    3. For drilled eggs: pull the string as you would when removing a tampon. For undrilled eggs, there are two methods you can try. The first method is to gently bear down. The effects of gravity, the weight of the egg and natural secretions which lubricate the vagina are often all it takes and your egg will come out on its own. You can also try coughing gently which increases abdominal pressure causing the egg to come out - be ready to catch the egg if you try this method as it can be expelled quite quickly. If your egg needs a little more coaxing to come out, insert your index and/or middle finger into the vagina and hook your finger over the egg, bringing it lower until you can scoop the egg out.
    4. Clean your yoni egg as per the instructions below
    5. Allow your egg to air-dry, then store your egg in the pouch provided.

    If you are still unable to remove your egg here are a few other suggestions;

    • leave it a little longer and go about your daily chores - your egg will often slip out as your focus shifts away from your yoni egg practice and the vaginal muscles begin to fatigue (be sure to be wearing undies to "catch" your egg if you are going about your business whilst wearing an egg as it can come out when you least expect it)
    • run a warm bath and try the removal techniques above once you are completely relaxed 
    • lubricate the vaginal opening with a water-based lubricant
    • ask a sexual partner to scoop it out for you (this can be a fun bit of foreplay too).


    Cleaning your Yoni Egg

    Clean your egg before and after each use. Yoni eggs can be cleaned in warm salty water or with a mild soap or feminine wash and warm water. 

    Avoid harsh cleansers or soaps with lots of fragrances and always thoroughly rinse your egg after washing to remove any residual cleaning product. 

    Do not boil your egg as this may cause your egg to crack or chip.

    Inspect your cup to ensure it has not been chipped during storage or cleaning.


    This information is intended as a guide only and is not a substitute for medical advice you may have received. Please consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional to see if using a yoni egg may be suitable for you, if you are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction or have any health concerns or medical conditions.

    Do not use a yoni egg without clearance from qualified medical practitioner if you; are pregnant or menstruating, use an IUD, are suffering from an infection or STI, have a hyperactive pelvic floor, have pelvic organ prolapse, have had vaginal or pelvic organ surgery in the last 3 months, experience pain during intercourse, suffer from vaginismus or other gynaecological medical conditions. 



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