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How to dispose of cloth pads

How to dispose of cloth pads

You chose to use cloth pads to reduce your waste but what happens when your cloth pads reach the end of their life? Cotton cloth pads can be composted at the end of their life.

They've seen you through good times and bad so here's how to give them a fitting farewell!

To dispose of your cloth pads;

    1: Remove Snaps

    Cut out the snaps or press studs in the wings of the pad.

    If the snaps are the cap and stud type, you may be able to remove the plastic or metal snap completely and reuse or recycle the snap.


    If they are the prong and socket type, they will most likely have material attached and will need to be disposed of with your household rubbish.


    2: Separate Layers

    Cut and the sewn edges of the pad and separate the cotton layers. The layers may vary from pad to pad.

    3: Remove TPU

    Take out the waterproof PUL/TPU layer. This is the waterproof layer of cotton that has a shiny plastic backing. It may be cracked or flaky if old (which may have resulted in leaks).

    If you can, separate the PUL backing layer from the cotton and throw this away. If you are not able to separate the layers the entire layer will need to be disposed of with your household rubbish.

    4: Cut Up & Compost

    Cut the layers of cotton into smaller pieces and compost.

    If disposing of a larger number of pads, it’s best not to overload your compost bin with too much cotton as this will dry it out - add a handful every week.