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Wombat Adult Bamboo Toothbrush - Red

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  • $4.50
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Nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists!

If every Aussie uses 4 plastic toothbrushes per year, that's around 96 MILLION plastic toothbrushes that build up in landfill, each and every year. And sadly, plastic toothbrushes don't just end up in landfill - they also tend to end up on our beaches and in our waterways, where the plastic bristle break off and become microplastics that poison our sea life.

Wombat Bamboo Toothbrushes are durable and gentle on teeth and gums. The handy coloured bristles make it easy to distinguish your brush - no more mixups!

  • Handle made with sustainable and biodegradable bamboo
  • Medium nylon bristles
  • Coloured bristles so you never get your toothbrushes mixed up
  • Flat, comfortable handle
  • The toothbrush handle is biodegradable and compostable - remove the bristles first

Switching to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush is a simple way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in your home. Your toothbrush is often the first thing you use in the morning, and the last thing you use in the evening before bed - so why not switch to a more sustainable option?

Dentists recommend replacing toothbrushes every 3 months or when bristles become frayed.

Old toothbrushes can be given a second life and used to clean bathroom grout, sink and tapware corners, to clean your bike or to spot clean stains from laundry or furniture.


Remove the bristles with pliers or snap off the head of your toothbrush and dispose of with household garbage.

The bamboo handle can be composted or re-purpose as a plant marker in your veggie garden.