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VUSH Aura TENS Period Pain Relief Device - Replacement Pads (2 Pack)

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  • $24.95
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These replacement pads are for use with the Vush Aura Period Pain Relief Device.

Replace the pads when they slip and no longer adhere to the skin. This varies depending on frequency and duration of use but pads should be replaced around every two months.

  • TENS machine replacement pads
  • Replace pads every 2 months or pads no longer adhere
  • One size fits all
  • Includes 2 x electrode pads

The TENS Machine can be purchased separately and is used to calm over-excited nerves. It uses proven transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) science to trick pain receptors, encouraging muscles to relax and endorphins to flow.


  1. Charge TENS machine for 40 mins
  2. Attach the pads to the TENS machine
  3. Remove the plastic backing from the pads (store for later)
  4. Apply the machine to clean and dry skin where the pain is prevalent (usually on the lower abdomen or back)
  5. Turn on and pick a programme and intensity
  6. When done, clean, reapply the plastic backing and store in the hard case provided