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UNITE Silicone Dilator Set (3 Pack)

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  • $99.95
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Dilators are useful if you experience vaginismus, experience pain during intercourse, have difficulty inserting period care products, have vaginal scaring, or are looking to maintain the patency of the neovagina following postoperative male-to-female surgery. 

The Unite Silicone Dilator Kit contains three sensory dilators that have been designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and can be used in the comfort of your own home. They allow for gradual vaginal dilation in the comfort of your own home. Each dilator has unique sensory nodules that massage the fascia tissue and two tapered tips of varying sizes for easy insertion. Both tips of the dilators can be used offering six different options across the three dilators. 

These dilators are made from premium medical-grade silicon, are easy to clean and are suitable for beginners. 

  • Designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals
  • Tapered tip for easy insertion
  • 3 piece set with 6 tip sizes
  • Sensory nodules massage Fascia tissue
  • Ideal for beginners or advanced users
  • Set of 3 progressive sizes for gradual dilation
  • Measurements & weight:  
    • Size 1: 10 & 25mm tip diameter, 185mm long, 62g
    • Size 2: 15 & 30mm tip diameter, 185mm long, 95g
    • Size 3: 20 & 35mm tip diameter, 185mm long, 138g
  • Made from silky-soft premium silicone
  • Easy to clean

Start by choosing the most comfortable size and slowly increase the size from the six options.