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MeLuna Classic Menstrual Cup - Extra Large

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MeLuna menstrual cups are uniquely shaped with a ring style stem, and made with medical-compliant TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) that is phthalate-, PVC-, silicone- and latex-free. They're smaller in size than many other cups on the market, making them a great menstrual cup for teens.

The ring on the base of the MeLuna cup makes it easy to remove, and is ideal for those who find that longer solid or tab type stems irritate their body.  

MeLuna menstrual cups are made in Germany and have been registered with the US Food and Drug Administration since 2014. They can be worn for up to 8 hours, and because they're made from TPE, it is suitable for those with sensitivities to silicone.


  • Optimised rim to prevents leaks
  • Ring stem for easy removal
  • Ridges on the base make the cup easier to grip
  • Made in Germany
  • Made of medical-compliant TPE
  • Smaller sizes ideal for teens or those with a smaller anatomy

Size Guide

Small: primarily used by young women with good pelvic floor muscle tone, and for lighter periods.

Medium: mainly used by women of all ages with average pelvic floor muscle tone, and for a medium flow. 

Large: commonly used by women with heavier periods and following vaginal births.

Extra Large: often used by women who have given birth and have heavy periods. 


 Size Capacity

Length x Diameter (mm)

Cup Length
excl. Stem (mm)
Small 15 38x55 45
Medium 20 41x60 48
Large 25 44x66 51
Extra Large 30 47x69 56