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CANACK Menstrual Cup - Blue

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Menstrual cups are a comfortable and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads.

The Canack Menstrual Cup can be worn for up to 8 hours and is made from medical-grade silicone that can be cleaned and reused for many years. Comes packaged with a convenient storage pouch and detailed instructions.

This cup is made from soft silicone making it more suitable for people with a sensitive bladder than a firmer cup as it will apply less pressure to the bladder and/or urethra.  On the flip side, soft cups may be more tricky to get to open and need a little more maneuvering once inserted to ensure a good seal is formed.

  • FDA approved
  • BPA, latex and toxin-free
  • Comfortable, clean and easy to use
  • Reusable, eco-friendly and economical
  • Provides worry-free protection when travelling, swimming or exercising during your period
  • Measurement lines are printed on the cup for fluid loss monitoring


Small: Recommended for women who have never given birth vaginally or by caesarean section.
Large: Recommended for women who have given birth vaginally.

Warnings & Precautions

Seek medical advice from your medical practitioner if you have any health concerns. 

Always read the manufacturer's label and use only as directed.


Canadian brand manufactured in China