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CALEXOTICS Inspire Silicone Dilator Set (5 Pack)

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  • $124.95
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The Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit can be used as a vaginal trainer for treating vaginismus and can also be used after surgery with approval from your surgeon.

Vaginal dilators can be used in the comfort of your own home to assist with training vaginal muscles to relax during penetration.

The Inspire Silicone Dilator Set is designed with your comfort in mind and each dilator features a smooth, ergonomically curved shape and a finger loop for easy use. Each piece is made of phthalate-free, silky soft, pastel pink premium silicone and ranges in size for comfortable, gradual dilation.  

  • Ergonomic design, curved design
  • Finger loop for easy use
  • Ideal for beginners or advanced users
  • Set of 5 progressives sizes for gradual dilation
  • Made from silky-soft premium silicone
  • Easy to clean

    The set includes five dilators;

      • Dilator 1: 1.25cm wide x 7.5cm long
      • Dilator 2: 2cm wide x 9cm long
      • Dilator 3: 2cm wide x 10.75cm long
      • Dilator 4: 2.5cm wide x 12.75cm long
      • Dilator 5: 3.25cm wide x 14cm long


      Use a water-based lubricant to assist with insertion. Start with the smallest size and gradually progress to larger sizes if there is no discomfort.